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Fresh Bread

What Makes a Good Sandwich Great?
It's ALL About The Bread!

We Wake Up Early Every Day of The Week to Hand Stretch our Dough and Bake it Fresh.

Our Sandwiches Taste So Good Because they Come on our 8 inch Hawaiian Style Bread!

Also Try our Thick Slice Nine Grain Wheat Bread!
We Bake That In Store Daily as Well Then We Slice it on our Slicer!

Image of Timmy Ts freshly baked bread - Timmy Ts Gourmet Grinders Sandwich Shop

The aroma of freshly baked bread, a promise of quality at Timmy T's

At Timmy T's Gourmet Grinders, we believe that a sandwich is only as good as its bread. Our freshly baked bread, prepared daily, forms the perfect foundation for our gourmet grinders, offering a delightful crunch and fresh flavor in every bite.

At Timmy T's Gourmet Grinders, we consider the art of baking as the heart and soul of our sandwiches. While our fresh bread plays a pivotal role in creating a fantastic sandwich, the process behind it is equally important.

We're committed to keeping our menu fresh and exciting. That doesn't just apply to the fillings; it includes our bread too. Our bakers frequently brainstorm new bread ideas, from savory herb-infused loaves to unique gluten-free options. We understand that dietary preferences vary, and we aim to accommodate everyone.

Freshly Baked Daily: Our dedication to crafting the perfect sandwich begins with the promise of freshly baked bread every day. We believe that a sandwich is an experience, and that experience starts with the tantalizing aroma of bread fresh out of the oven. Our team of skilled bakers arrives early each morning to hand-stretch and bake the dough, ensuring that you savor the perfect balance of a crisp crust and a soft, flavorful interior. This daily commitment to freshness sets the stage for a memorable culinary journey with every bite.

Bread Variety: Variety is the spice of life, and at Timmy T's, we believe that variety extends to our bread selection. We don't just stop at the classics; we're always exploring new bread ideas to keep our menu fresh and exciting. Our bakers get creative, experimenting with different types of bread, from savory herb-infused loaves to unique gluten-free options. We understand that dietary preferences vary, and our goal is to accommodate everyone. This means you can enjoy the perfect sandwich on the bread that suits your taste and dietary needs.

A Bread for Everyone: Just as sandwiches come in various flavors and fillings, our bread selection caters to a wide range of preferences. Whether you're a fan of classic white bread, prefer the earthy tones of whole wheat, or have specific dietary requirements, we have a bread for everyone. From hearty multigrain options to light and fluffy varieties, our bread ensures that your sandwich is not just a meal but an expression of your taste.

The Heart of a Great Sandwich: Bread is not just a vessel; it's the heart of a great sandwich. It's where the adventure begins, as your sandwich takes shape on a canvas of freshly baked goodness. The quality of our bread is a testament to our commitment to delivering the finest gourmet experience. With a combination of the right bread and top-quality ingredients, we create sandwiches that are more than just satisfying; they're unforgettable.

Crafting the Perfect Meal: Just as an artist selects their materials carefully, our bakers consider each element of bread-making with precision. From the selection of high-quality ingredients to the meticulous preparation, they ensure that the bread complements the fillings and elevates your sandwich to gourmet status. It's not just a meal; it's a masterpiece.

The Bread Promise: Our promise of quality extends to every loaf of bread we bake. We understand that a great sandwich requires the perfect foundation, and that foundation is our freshly baked bread. When you take that first bite, the delightful crunch and fresh flavor are a testament to the effort we put into every slice. It's not just a sandwich; it's a promise of quality and a commitment to providing you with the best.

At Timmy T's Gourmet Grinders, bread isn't just an ingredient; it's an art form. We invite you to experience the aroma, taste, and texture of our freshly baked bread, setting the stage for a sandwich that's nothing short of extraordinary. Your sandwich journey begins with the scent of our bread, and with each bite, you'll understand why it's at the heart of everything we do.

Crafted with passion, our bread is a testament to our dedication to quality.

Our bread is more than just an ingredient; it's a statement of our commitment to quality. Crafted with skill and passion, our bread is baked fresh daily, promising a gourmet experience with every sandwich.

Every morning, our bakers come in with a commitment to excellence. The journey of baking the perfect bread begins with high-quality ingredients, precision, and a touch of creativity. Our bakers are artisans, and the bakery is their canvas. They meticulously weigh, mix, knead, and let the dough rise until it reaches that perfect consistency.

Image of Timmy Ts crafting the bread with passion - Timmy Ts Gourmet Grinders Sandwich Shop

Once the dough is ready, it's time to shape it into those familiar, delightful loaves. The magic happens inside our ovens. Our custom-built ovens are designed to provide just the right amount of heat, creating that signature golden-brown crust and soft, airy interior. It's the balance between crisp and tender that makes our bread truly exceptional.

Once the bread is baked to perfection, it's time for the slicing. We use top-of-the-line slicers to ensure that every piece is just the right thickness. This consistency is key to our sandwiches' quality. It's this precision in slicing that allows our sandwiches to hold together beautifully while offering the perfect bite.

Preserving Tradition: Baking bread is not just a process; it's an art steeped in tradition. Our bakers uphold the legacy of artisan bread-making, drawing from time-honored techniques passed down through generations. This tradition is the foundation of our commitment to quality, ensuring that each loaf is a testament to the craftsmanship of bread-making.

Quality Ingredients: The secret to our exceptional bread lies in the quality of our ingredients. We source the finest flour, grains, and other essential components to create the perfect dough. Our dedication to using top-notch ingredients is a reflection of our commitment to providing a gourmet experience with every sandwich. This insistence on quality from the very beginning sets our bread apart.

Precision and Passion: Baking isn't just a task; it's a labor of love. Every loaf of bread is crafted with precision and a touch of passion. Our bakers have a keen eye for detail and a genuine love for their craft. It's this passion that infuses our bread with a unique character, setting the stage for sandwiches that are not just delicious but also distinctive.

The Art of Baking: The bakery is our canvas, and the bakers are the artists. With skill and creativity, they mold, shape, and transform the dough into those familiar, delightful loaves. It's a creative process that elevates our bread to a work of art, making each slice a masterpiece waiting to be savored.

Custom-Built Ovens: Baking is a science, and our custom-built ovens are the laboratory. These ovens are designed to provide the precise amount of heat required to create that signature golden-brown crust and soft, airy interior. It's a delicate balance between science and art that results in bread that's consistently exceptional.

Slice of Perfection: The final step in the journey from dough to delectable bread is the slicing. We employ top-of-the-line slicers, ensuring that every piece is the ideal thickness. This consistency is not a mere detail; it's a cornerstone of our sandwich quality. The precision in slicing allows our sandwiches to be not just delicious but also structurally sound, offering you the perfect bite every time.

Crafted for You: At Timmy T's, our bread isn't just a commodity; it's a testament to our commitment to quality and our passion for creating exceptional sandwiches. When you savor a sandwich made with our bread, you're indulging in the result of dedication, tradition, quality ingredients, and artistry. It's not just a meal; it's a masterpiece of flavor and passion, handcrafted for your enjoyment.

In every slice of our freshly baked bread, you'll find the perfect blend of tradition and innovation. It's a testament to our ongoing quest to provide you with gourmet sandwiches that are a cut above the rest. The heart of our sandwiches is the heart we put into our bread. It's the essence of Timmy T's.

The perfect canvas for a masterpiece sandwich.

Our fresh bread serves as the perfect canvas for our gourmet grinders, holding together a delightful mix of fresh veggies and premium meats, creating a sandwich that is both visually appealing and delicious.

While our 8-inch Hawaiian Style Bread and the thick-sliced Nine Grain Wheat Bread are staples, our bakers are always experimenting with new recipes. They're passionate about exploring different flavors and textures, always seeking to surprise our customers with something fresh and exciting.

Image of Timmy Ts prefect sandwich - Timmy Ts Gourmet Grinders Sandwich Shop

Quality is non-negotiable when it comes to our bread. Our bakers have a keen eye for detail, ensuring that every loaf meets our high standards. We believe that the texture, flavor, and aroma of our bread should be consistent every time you bite into a Timmy T's sandwich.

Our bakers understand that the bread's role isn't just about holding the ingredients together – it's about elevating the entire sandwich. The choice of bread for a particular sandwich is an art in itself. Some sandwiches are perfect with our classic Hawaiian Style Bread, offering a slightly sweet note, while others shine with the nutty, whole-grain goodness of our Nine Grain Wheat Bread.

Just like you can customize your sandwich fillings, you can also have a say in the bread. While our recommendations are a great starting point, feel free to explore the combination of bread and fillings that resonates with your taste buds. It's all about creating a sandwich that speaks to you.

Image of Timmy Ts fresh sandwich outside the store - Timmy Ts Gourmet Grinders Sandwich Shop

Join us for a fresh experience, one loaf at a time.

We invite you to experience the freshness and quality of our bread at Timmy T's Gourmet Grinders. Whether you're grabbing a quick lunch or enjoying a leisurely dinner, the freshness of our bread promises a gourmet experience.

The journey of our bread doesn't end in the bakery. It continues to your table. We invite you to take part in this culinary adventure and savor the craftsmanship that goes into every loaf. We hope that with each bite of your Timmy T's sandwich, you can taste the passion, the skill, and the dedication that go into our bread.

Our bread is more than just a sandwich component; it's a testament to the artistry and love that we pour into every aspect of our sandwiches. From the selection of ingredients to the final presentation, we're dedicated to providing an exceptional experience for our customers.

Visit us today and take a bite of history, culture, and tradition, all baked into the delicious bread at Timmy T's Gourmet Grinders. We look forward to sharing our passion with you one sandwich at a time

Craving a sandwich with the freshest, most delicious bread in town? Look no further. Place your order now and experience the art of baking with every bite.

Join us at 60 Kihapai Street, Kailua, Hawaii 96734, or visit our second location at 930 Valkenburgh Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96818, conveniently situated near the Honolulu International Airport, Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hickam, Ford Island, and the Mapunapuna Business District.

Order Now and savor the joy of a sandwich made with freshly baked bread at Timmy T's Gourmet Grinders!

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