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Sandwiches made with Best Quality Boar's Head Brand Meat and Cheese
Why Choose Boar's Head Meat and Cheese?

Timmy T's Gourmet Grinders Sandwich Shop is Proud to use Boar's Head Meats and Cheese. We think they are the Best, and We Think You Will To!

Boar's Head and their History, Standards, Gluten Free Options / Low Sodium / No Preservatives.


Boar's Head Brand has been in business since 1905 and is a family-owned company that has been providing the highest quality delicatessen products for over 115 years. As a company, Boar's Head is committed to using only the finest ingredients, including whole muscle beef, pork, and poultry, as well as spices sourced from around the globe. This commitment to quality has made Boar's Head the deli brand that consumers can trust.


In addition to using high-quality ingredients, Boar's Head has also set high standards for the products they bring to market. As a family business, they choose to be devoted to their consumers, not stockholders. They only bring products to market that they believe in and that meet the standards set for them long ago. Boar's Head is also committed to providing transparency when it comes to their products. They offer product lists for people with sensitivities to particular ingredients and have nutritional brochures available online.

Gluten Free Options / Low Sodium / No Preservatives

Boar's Head products are also known for their gluten-free options, lower sodium options, and their commitment to not using preservatives in their products. They offer a complete line of lower sodium meats and cheeses that can be viewed on their website. They also have dozens of deli meats certified heart-healthy, and all their meats, cheeses, hummus, and condiments, as well as Hans Jurgen Pickles, are gluten-free.

Animal Welfare

Boar's Head also takes animal welfare seriously and has set animal welfare requirements for the animals used in their products. They work with suppliers who meet or exceed industry standards for animal welfare, and they are committed to ensuring the animals are treated humanely throughout their lives.

Bread Baked Fresh Daily

What Makes a Good Sandwich Great?
It's ALL About The Bread!

We Wake Up Early Every Day of The Week to Hand Stretch our Dough and Bake it Fresh.

Our Sandwiches Taste So Good Because they Come on our 8 inch Hawaiian Style Bread!

Also Try our Thick Slice Nine Grain Wheat Bread!
We Bake That In Store Daily as Well Then We Slice it on our Slicer!


Vegetables Sliced Fresh in Our Store Every Day.

Our Vegetables are Sliced Every Morning.

We Source our Produce (Vegetables) from Local Vendors Across Oahu.

Cucumbers, Tomatoes, and Clover Sprouts Grown Locally in Hawaii!

We Get Our Vegetables Delivered Multiple Times a Week, If not Everyday, to Ensure Quality and Freshness.

So When you Take that First Bite of Your Sandwich, You Can Tell The Difference!

Bacon Cooked Fresh Every Day!

Are We Bacon You Hungry Yet?

At Timmy T's Gourmet Grinders Sandwich Shop Adding Crispy, Crunchy, Mouth Watering Bacon to Your Sandwich Is Always a Good Thing.
(Unless You're A Vegetarian Of Course!)

Try Adding Bacon to these Sandwiches; #1 The Stumpy Pete, #11 Farmers Favorite, or try it on #12 The Club Kailua.


Vegetarian Sandwiches

Try our #6 Island Veggie Sandwich!
It Comes with Boar's Head Picante Provolone Cheese, Avocado Made with Real Avocados, Iceberg Lettuce, Clover Sprouts, Boar's Head Mayonnaise, Freshly Sliced Roma Tomatoes and Cucumbers.

Try This Sandwich 'Jacked Up'! This Puts all the Extra 'Free Stuff' Onto It:
Onions, Vinaigrette, Italian Herbs, Boar's Head Dijon Mustard.

Low Carb / Gluten Free / Vegan Options

Try Any of Our Sandwiches in our Lettuce Wrap Option!

Pick One of Our Sandwiches with out the Bread.
Our Walking Salad Lettuce Wrap is the Perfect Healthy Option!

Need a Vegan Option?
Try a #6 Walking Salad No Mayonnaise No Provolone Cheese.
Try This Sandwich 'Jacked Up'! This Puts all the Extra 'Free Stuff' Onto It: Onions, Vinaigrette, Italian Herbs, Boar's Head Dijon Mustard.


We Deliver our Sandwiches!

In a Crunch?.. We Deliver Lunch!

We Deliver our Sandwiches from our Store to Your Door,
so your Food Always Arrives FAST and FRESH!

What's The Minimum?
ONE Sandwich!

We Also Provide Delivery For Our Catering!

Our Kailua Location Delivery area includes Enchanted Lakes, Marine Corp Base Hawaii, Lanikai, Lanikai Beach, Kailua, Kailua Beach, Kaneohe Bay Drive, Kapaa Quarry Drive.

Our Moanalua Location Delivery are includes Moanalua Shopping Center, Daniel K. International Airport. 

We Offer The Best Catering: Sandwich Party Platters and Box Lunches!

Need Catering For a Large Group of People, Office Meeting, Special Event or Party, Corporate Meeting?
We Have You Covered!

Our Catering Menu Includes:
30 Piece Sandwich Platters to Feed 10 to 12 People.
Pick Any 10 Sandwiches.

15 Piece Sandwich Platters to Feed 5 to 7 People.
Pick Any 5 Sandwiches.

Box Lunches! Comes with Any Sandwich, Chip, Cookie, Pickle Spear,
Mayo and Mustard Packet.
(Minimum of 4)

Bucket Of Jumbo Boar's Head Kosher Dill Pickles.
(4 Pickles Cut Into Quarters)

Cookie Trays.
36 of Our Fresh Home Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies Or Oat Meal Raisin Cookies.

We Provide Excellent Catering Delivery!
Call Us Or Order Online Today!


Cookies Baked Fresh in Our Store Daily!

Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookies or Oat Meal Raisin Cookies Baked In our Oven Daily.

They Smell Heavenly and Taste even Better!

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