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Local Favorites: The Most Popular Sandwiches at Timmy T's

Unveiling the Best Sandwiches in Town

Aloha, foodies!

On the hunt for the most popular sandwiches in Kailua? Well, you've just hit the jackpot!

Today, we're taking you on a tasty tour filled with fresh ingredients, secret sauces, and bread so soft it'll make a pillow jealous–only here at Timmy T's.

So, strap in, 'cause we ain't your average sandwich shop.

Let's get munchin'!

Menu Highlights

Here at Timmy T's, we're all about variety.

Our menu is chock-full of grinders (that's mainland speak for 'subs') that'll make your taste buds do the hula. Each boasts two meats or cheeses–and trust us--these combos are truly a match made in heaven!

Ono Smoked Ham

A Heavenly Sandwich Creation

This bad boy features Boar's Head Brand Smoke Master Beechwood Smoked Black Forest Ham, sliced fresh daily, paired with our Picante Provolone Cheese, all nestled inside our 8-inch Hawaiian style bread baked fresh in-store daily. It's a simple yet oh-so-delicious sandwich that'll have you saying "ono" (that's 'delicious' in Hawaiian) in no time!

Club Tommy

Next up, we've got the Club Tommy that packs punch with our Boar's Head Smoke Master Beechwood Smoked Black Forest Ham and Tender Seasoned Fillet Roast Beef. Add some of your favorite Picante Provolone Cheese, our fresh veggies, and a dash of that Spicy Dijon Mustard–you've got yourself a club sandwich that's worth writing home about.


Goodfella Sandwich Special

Feeling adventurous? Our Goodfella is just the ticket!

This flavorful fusion of Hot Capocollo, Genoa Salami, and Smoke Master Beechwood Smoked Black Forest Ham. Then top it off with our Picante Provolone Cheese and a homemade Italian Vinaigrette dressing--ahh…Bellissimo!

Customer Favorites

Now, let's move on to some of our local favorites that have earned a special place in the hearts (and stomachs) of our Kailua residents:


The Warrior is our meat lover's dream come true. With that double portions of our Tender Seasoned Fillet Roast Beef and Picante Provolone Cheese, this is sure to satisfy even the hungriest of warriors!

Farmers Favorite

Embrace the Farmhouse Flavors

Perfect for those who enjoy that classic ham and turkey combo, our Farmers Favorite features our Smoke Master Beechwood Smoked Black Forest Ham and our Oven Gold Turkey Breast, topped with our Picante Provolone Cheese–this will surely feel like a farm-to-table feast right in your hands!

Club Kailua

Turkey lovers–get ready to do the happy dance! 'Cause our Club Kailua will be your go-to favorite sandwich packed to the brim with our very own Oven Gold Turkey Breast paired with our favorite Picante Provolone Cheese. But wait--that's not all! We've also added a dollop of our oh-so-creamy Avocado Spread that takes this grinder to the next level--surely a party in your mouth!

The Big Tuna

Get Hooked on The Big Tuna

Fishing for a sandwich that'll really make a splash? Our Big Tuna is here and it's making waves!

Imagine this: a mountain of Chicken Of The Sea Brand Tuna Salad, so fresh you can almost hear the ocean waves. We're talking top-notch tuna here, folks. But hold your seahorses, 'cause we're not done yet.

Next up, we lay on a blanket of Provolone Cheese, adding that creamy, melty goodness that perfectly complements our tuna. And just when you think it couldn't get any better, we toss in a medley of our freshest veggies, adding that satisfying crunch—you'll definitely be like a beach picnic in a bun!

Da Paniolo

Alright, meat lovers, gather 'round because we've got something that's gonna knock your socks off. Meey Da Paniolo - the sandwich that'll get you all over town drooling!

Picture this: Tender Seasoned Fillet Roast Beef, so juicy it practically melts in your mouth, paired with our Oven Gold Turkey Breast that's cooked to perfection and bundled up together in our freshly baked bun, creating that carnivorous combo that's legit second to none!

But be warned: once you get this meat-tastic delight, there's no going back!

Veggie Deluxe

Taste the Veggie Euphoria

Are you someone who enjoys all the veggies? Who says you can't join this party? Not us, that's for sure!

Our Veggie Deluxe is your garden-fresh delight with a generous layer of our creamy Provolone Cheese, giving it that oh-so-satisfying cheesy goodness!

It's a sandwich that's not just delicious, but also makes you feel good from the inside out!

Don't Miss Out!

So there you have it-- a sneak peek into the drool-worthy world of your favorite Kailua sandwich shop. Get a taste of these popular grinders today here at Timmy T's.

Trust us--one bite, and you'll be hooked!

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