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Timmy T's Gourmet Grinders
Sandwich Shop in Kapahulu

We Deliver & Cater your Food Fast!

Home : 888 Kapahulu Ave, Honolulu, HI 96816

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Welcome to Timmy T's Gourmet Grinders 
in Kapahulu, Hawaii

Timmy Ts new Kapahulu location in Kapahulu Shopping Center - Timmy Ts Gourmet Grinders Sandwich Shop

Serving the Freshest and Fastest Grinders in Kapahulu!


Have you ever been to any of Timmy T's sandwich shops? Timmy T's is a well-known local sandwich shop in Oahu famous for its fast and fresh sandwiches in Kailua and Moanalua. Now, even more people can experience the delicious grinders that everyone's been raving about here in our newest location in Kapahulu Shopping Center!

Convenient Sandwich Spot Location

Our new sandwich spot in Kapahulu Shopping Center is just a short drive from world-famous Waikiki Beach (also known as Kahanamoku Beach)! This beach, renowned for its soft white sand, gentle waves, and stunning views of Diamond Head, is a perfect place for swimming, sunbathing, surfing, and snorkeling.

Timmy T's Kapahulu is also conveniently close to several other beaches!

Grinder held by hand in front of a Hawaiian Beach


Timmy T's Kapahulu is the best place to be when you are in the Kapahulu Shopping Center, make sure not to miss our our fresh and delicious gourmet sandwiches made with premium-quality ingredients. Timmy T's Kapahulu is the ideal spot for a quick and delicious meal on the go.

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